Have you ever wanted to be a part of creating the World’s largest digital festival? Here is your chance! DreamHack Crew has been around for over 20 years and is a tight-knit community of volunteers who gather for each event to have fun, learn new skills, and be part of one of the best communities in the world. DreamHack Crew members are the true champions of the festival experience – making it possible to host our world-class events. Crew are an integral part of creating our esports tournaments, streaming zone, the DreamExpo, our large BYOC LANs, main stage and much more. DreamHack Crew teams are also responsible for planning fun on-site activities for our attendees, most of the things that make each DreamHack event unique and fun are determined by Crew.

There’s a team for everyone, whether you want to learn something new or immerse yourself in your profession. You don’t need to have a specific set of skills to join DreamHack Crew, however, you must be 18 years old to be crew!

Here is a list of the current teams at DreamHack’s 2017 US events:

Activities - Plan all activities and contests that that don't belong to an existing team.
Console Games - Plan Tournaments and events for the console area.
Construction - We build DreamHack.
Coverage - Get the word out about everything happening around the event.
Crew Services - Make the experience of the Crew as enjoyable as possible.
CrewTV - This is the team streaming all activities not on the DHTV broadcasts.
DreamHack HQ - The event admin team in charge of planning and coordinating all the other teams.
DreamHackTV - We create the official broadcasts from DreamHack.
Free2Play - We manage the free-play LAN area.
Hackathon - Plan and oversee collaborative computer programming.
LAN Games - Plan tournaments and contest for the BYOC.
Logistics - This team finds out what everyone needs and gets it.
Main Stage - Made of volunteers skilled in production, helping with music, cosplay, tournaments, etc.
Merchandise - We sell DreamHack Merch
Network - We build and run DreamHack’s network.
Security - We handle the general security around DreamHack.
Stream Zone - Plan and implement the area for streamers.
Tabletop Games - Plan events in the tabletop area.
Tech Support - Nerds helping other people with their technical issues.
Visit DreamHack - Making sure everyone understands the Who, What, Where and Why of DreamHack.
Whatever! - Apply here if you just want to help where you're needed most!

So, what do you get for being part of our awesome crew? Here’s the list of perks!
• Access to entire event
• 6 meals (2 per day)
• 2 Crew shirts
• Discount on DreamHack merchandise
• Access to the Crew pre/post party
• Access to the Crew Lounge
• Access to the Crew LAN (BYOC)
• Access to the on-site Crew sleeping area
• Entry into the Crew raffle
• Plus whatever else we can think of!

Holy cow! That’s a lot of stuff! What do I have to do to earn all that??
As Crew you are expected to volunteer for a minimum of 16 hours (but most tend to want to work more because they ❤ DreamHack and it’s fun). This will be broken into 4-6 hour shifts over the course of the event which will be scheduled by your team leader. You’re also more than welcome to help other teams than the one you’re assigned to! So long as you cover your shifts, you can jump in to whatever other team needs a few extra hands.

When you’re not on shift, go enjoy DreamHack! Catch a pro esports tournament final, frag some noobs in the Crew BYOC, hang out in the Crew lounge, chow down on some free food, take a nap in the Crew sleeping area, and just have as much fun as humanly possible.

Crew are required to show up at least the day before the event opens (Thursday), but we need a ton of help during the Monday-Wednesday setup so it’s highly encouraged to show up during the construction period to make sure you get to know as many new friends as possible!

If you are 18 years or older and want to be a part of the DreamHack Crew family, please apply to one of the crews listed on the left side of the page. If you have any questions, you can send an email to:

How to Apply for DreamHack Crew:
New users: At the top right of this page click 'Sign Up' to create an account.
Returning users: Sign in using the 'Login' button on the top right of this page.
After you have signed in, click 'Events' at the top left of this page.
Select which event you would like to apply for a Crew position at. You are welcome to apply to any event that you will be able to attend.
On the left-hand side, you will find a list of all of the available Crew teams for that event.
Choose a Crew team you are interested in working on (You may apply for more than one team per event, but you will only be assigned to one.)
Click the “Apply” button and tell us why you want to be on the selected team, list any prior event staffing or related work experience, then choose your priority level for the team.
If you are interested in being a leader, please mention that in your team application and list all prior event staffing or related work leadership experience.
Submit your application using the green 'Submit' button on the lower right of the application window.
Over the next few months, the Events Team will go over the applications and select the crew for the event.
You will be notified if you are selected.


Responsible: reedwhaley

Users: 2 / 20

Are you an outgoing energetic person? Do you want to do con wide activities? Have you ever had an idea that you have not been able to do but always wanted to? Well this is the team for you, the core activities team plan’s con wide activities, from questing in an epic larp storyline to rock paper scissors competitions. This team is responsible for making magic happen and bring the most crazy fun ideas to life. Activities Team engage with the attendee’s to ensure they are getting the experience of DreamHack to its fullest. Sub Team of activities are Panels, and cosplay. Panels Team: Run’s facilitates and schedules all content panels for DreamHack. This is the team that ensures we have content running 24/7 for the con. From developer panels to cartoon singalongs, Japanese Fashion shows to Weapons demonstrations this team has it all. Cosplay: have you ever dreamed of running a cosplay competition? Being part of an epic storyline that takes you down a path of craziness. Well then this is the team for you! Dress up In cosplay help promote the cosplay group and make sure everyone is having a good time. Want to do weapons check? No problem, Want to help with the cosplay chess! No problem. Cosplay team focuses on everything cosplay related at the con. Sub teams include: Cosplay Crew Panels Crew


Console Games

Responsible: chewygoodness

Users: 1 / 20

Plan tournaments and events for console area.



Responsible: legodude522

Users: 7 / 50

The team that sets up, maintains, and tears down a lot of the event. This team works mainly before and after the event.



Users: 1 / 6

Are you a creative person?
Are you awesome and would love to work in the heart of the festival?
Then DreamHack Coverage Crew is the place for you!

The team this year will have 3 components:
- Social Media
- Photography
- Editorial

Social Media
- Do you want to share your love of the festival to our fans and friends? Then we're looking for someone who can push out information on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about the LAN, Expo, event, and more!
- Currently looking for someone who is heavily interested in Street Fighter V to join the ranks.

- Skilled with a camera? Want to expand your portfolio and work with like minded photographers? Then this could be for you! Examples of photography

- We're going back to our roots by having articles written by our crew on the ground live from the venue! Want to write about the event as a whole? Maybe esports is your thing? Want to write a piece about cosplay? Sign up with what you'd like to do, and maybe it can be arranged!


Crew Command

Responsible: target

Users: 5 / 5

Crew Command is the event admin team in charge of planning and coordinating all the other teams and event logistics. This team does a lot of the planning in the months before the event. Being on the CC team involves many hours of planning, brainstorming, and general assistance to the DH staff, as well as weekly meetings with the CC team and almost daily correspondence with them. If organization, planning, and gaming are your things, go ahead and apply and tell us why you are interested in joining the CC team!



Crew Services

Responsible: mrd1sturbed

Users: 2 / 12

This team is responsible for providing the best possible experience at DreamHack for the Crew. Some responsibilities include but are not limited to: food and beverage runs, providing necessary information to those who ask, maintaining various lounge areas, etc.



Responsible: extine

Users: 1 / 20

This team gives everyone an inside look on everything that happens at DreamHack that's not on the DHTV broadcasts. This is a new team and a lot will be determined in the next coming months. You also don't have to be a broadcast professional to join the team! Our goal is to show the world how fun and amazing DreamHack is-- inside and out.


DreamHack HQ

Users: 0 / 20

DREAMHACK STAFF ONLY- Please do not apply if you are not full time DH staff.


Users: 0 / 5

DreamHack TV is responsible for producing the official DHTV broadcasts for the Esports stages and tournaments. Anything you see on Twitch or other streaming services is produced by this team.

90% of this team will be staffed by professional contractors, however, they MIGHT accept a few volunteers to help them run the stages. How many volunteers they need (and what they will actually be helping with) is still be decided by the international DreamHack staff. Therefore, positions on this team will not be filled until the few weeks leading up to the event. Because of this, we encourage all applicants to seek other teams if you'd still like to volunteer at the event and you MAY be contacted at a later date to help with DHTV, if the DH staff are impressed by your application.


Users: 0 / 30

This team is managed by DH Sweden staff members that own each pro tournament. They usually select 1-4 volunteers that have significant tournament experience to assist them with tournament execution. Volunteers for this team should expect to help setup and tear down computers and stage equipment, run cables and power, clear stages of unused gear and personal items, assisting players with technical and logistic needs, and various other tasks to support the tournaments.


Responsible: magicalzorse

Users: 1 / 15

We are responsible for running the free2play area. For those who don’t know a Free2Play area is an area with a number of PCs with games loaded that attendees can play on.

Being part of the Free2play team allows you to learn and grow a number of different skillsets as well as learn on the fly.

☑ Interacting with attendees to create a positive experience
☑ On the fly troubleshooting
☑ Logistics of dealing with a number of PCs

Part of being crew is great experiences. Learn a new skill or grow your current ones!



Users: 0 / 10

Plan and oversee collaborative computer programming.

LAN Games

Responsible: barballs

Users: 1 / 30

Plan tournaments and contest for the BYOC



Responsible: fritz

Users: 1 / 25

The glue that binds everything together. This team finds out what everyone needs and gets it to them when they need it. Purchasing those unplanned items, keeping the tools, keeping other teams supplied, smoothing out all the wrinkles in the plan.


Main Stage

Responsible: cjlink

Users: 1 / 20

Main Stage Crew will handle all aspects of Main Stage operation during the event, including the stage production and live stream production of exhibition matches and tournament grand finals as well as live music performances and the cosplay contest. Shoutcasters, broadcasters, observers, audio technicians, lighting technicians, camera grips and general help in setup and tear-down will all be needed to work together in a very fast paced environment to bring esports, music, cosplay and more to live and online audiences.



Responsible: jmunoz

Users: 1 / 12

Organize and run the DreamHack Merch store.



Responsible: static

Users: 1 / 12

Design and manage the network that makes this whole event happen.



Responsible: silva

Users: 1 / 10

The On-Site Site-Ops team are the all around problem solvers, quick to act, quick to finish. Their job is to act as a response team to assess issue severity as well as to check in with all the teams to make sure things are going smoothly at all times.



Responsible: gamez

Users: 1 / 40

The team keeping everyone safe.


Stream Zone

Responsible: chrissands

Users: 1 / 10

This team plans the area for streamers. Streamers of all levels can sign up at various times throughout the event and use our high-performance computers and top-quality gear.


Tabletop Games

Responsible: oxidizer

Users: 1 / 10

Plan events in the Tabletop area.


Tech Support

Responsible: brycec

Users: 2 / 15

This team assists with making things with various technological equipment. Members of this team will also help attendees and crew with their technical issues, mostly revolving around the BYOC LAN area.


Visit DreamHack

Responsible: DrKaufman

Users: 1 / 30

This customer service-oriented team helps everyone get into the event and to where they want to be (i.e. Registration and Info Desk). Team members help customers and other teams understand the who, what, where, why, and how of everything DreamHack. We're looking for fun, friendly, outgoing, congenial, and super awesome people to join this crew! We are the face of DreamHack.



Users: 0 / 100

Not sure what team you want to apply for? Are you just eager to help any way that you can? Sign up here! We'll place you in a team that needs a few extra hands. Don't worry, we'll have your new team lead reach out to you first to make sure that you find that team interesting and exciting!